For the first series of the “VICTOR Formula” videos, we are extremely honored to have Mr. Frost, who had an amazing resume as a player representing Denmark and now a coaching member on the Malaysia National Team, present his insights and precious advice on how to elevate your game through simple training and refined thinking.

The videos, rolling out as Formula 1 to 6, will be up on with demonstration by pro tour champion shuttlers Goh Liu YingChan Peng Soon (Malaysia), Pai Yu Po, and Lee Sheng Mu (Taiwan).


The sensibility of tiptoes plays a key role on the badminton court. In the fifth episode, Taiwanese player Pai Yu Po shares her training methods to strengthen tiptoe agility. The entire set of training is recommended to last 10-15 minutes, and alternates fast and slow; fast for trying to challenge one’s speed limit, and then slow when you breathe and jump easily for getting ready into the next circle. Enhancing the sensibility of the toes and enabling quick change of directions may allow you to move freely into winning positions.

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