Choosing the right racket for yourself - Part 1

It can be said that the racket is a badminton player’s best weapon, and the right racket can also help you play better.
This means that choosing the racket that suits you the most is the best way to play better and get the most enjoyment out of playing.
VICTOR will now use a Q&A method to show you how to find the racket that suits you the most !

【Q】I am a beginner and I am worried that, after only swinging a racket a few times in the shop, when I actually play with it I will find it doesn’t suit me.
How do I choose a racket that suits me?

【A】VICTOR recommends that, because when you begin to play you are technically immature in every respect, you should choose a racket with a shaft of medium stiffness or one that is slightly soft, and should avoid choosing excessively stiff or soft rackets. Such as VICTOR MX-600, BRS-1500F and BRS-1500P are good choices.
If you are an aggressive player who smashes a lot, after playing for a while you can change to a racket with a shaft that is quite stiff.
If you are a skillful player who likes to use drop shots and has less power than the aggressive type of player, choosing a racket with a shaft that is quite soft will help raise your skill level.

【Q】How can I find out the string tension that suits me best? Does the higher the tension mean the better I will play?
【A】In general, beginners should use string tension of 18-22 pounds. Basically, the higher the tension the better a player is able to control the shuttlecock, however, the power required also increases, making greater demands.
In terms of wrist strength; the lower the tension is the greater the power of string rebound, however, the shuttlecock is harder to control.
When you become more experienced you can gradually increase your racket string tension;many skilled players use racket string tension over 25 pounds, while professionals use string tension of 28-32 pounds.
After reading the introduction to racket string tension and racket selection, do you have a better idea of how to choose the racket that’s best for you?
The next article—“Choosing the right racket for yourself, Part 2”-- will introduce racket weight and shaft in detail.
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