Badminton warm-up and warm-down(4):Dynamic stretching

Dynamic stretching is carried out by “continually moving forward, unlike static stretching which takes place in the same spot.

Dynamic stretching is harder to do than static but has better results. Dynamic stretching stretches the muscle groups more completely and also can mimic special badminton movements (such as a big step) as is usually done before formal training or competitions, stimulating the muscles and getting them, ready for the intense exercise to follow.

Today, four dynamic stretching movements will be introduced. We recommend that every movement is done 8-10 times (if space is insufficient they can be done back and forth); after doing the stretches over a period of time, the number of stretches can be increase.

When warming up, keep the chest stuck out, belly and chin tucked in, maintain a gap of about one second between movements and don’t hold your breath, breathe smoothly as the movements are done.


1. Quadriceps dynamic stretch


  • Pull the right foot behind the body with both hands, using the left leg for support (don’t lock  the knee) and move the right foot as much in the direction of the bottom as possible (the right knee should face down),let go of the right foot and take a big step forward with the right leg.
  • Then, pull the left leg up behind you with both hands and repeat the movement above.
  • Advanced movement:When standing on one leg, stand on tip toes to increase the intensity and level of difficulty.


2. Gluteus maximus dynamic stretch


  • Pull up the right knee with both hands and pull the thigh towards the chest; when the left foot is supporting the weight keep it straight and stay balanced and don’t lock the knee ; release the knee and take a big step forward with the right leg.
  • Then, lift up the left knee with both hands and repeat the above movement.
  • Advanced movement: When standing on one leg, stand on tip toes to increase the intensity and level of difficulty.


3.Bow-and-arrow step dynamic stretch


  • Keep the body straight, with hands on hips, lift up the right knee and take a big step forward, forming a bow and arrow step; keep your belly tucked in and back straight.
  • Do same for the other leg.   


4.Outer lower leg and outer thigh dynamic stretching 


  • Part the legs to shoulder width, cross the right foot over the left; don’t lock the knee.
  • Lean forward and try to touch the floor with both hands, move the weight to the left while keeping the left knee as straight as possible.
  • Return to starting position and repeat the move for the other leg.   

( Edit by VICTOR Badminton )