Are Professional Shoes a Necessity to Play Badminton?

As Olympic fever hits the world, there has been an emergence of more and more badminton enthusiasts in the gymnasium. Many people have been inspired to play badminton as well. However, a question is raised up: are professional shoes really a necessity to play badminton? This is the concern that many beginners have and also a key thing that they often ignore.

What Are Professional Badminton Shoes?

As its name implies, "professional badminton shoes" refers to shoes that are specifically designed for the needs of badminton players. Badminton sport involves fast movement in all directions and has a major focus on agility and speed; therefore, the design of badminton shoes has to not only guarantee comfortable and perfect fit but also provide strengthened lateral stability and high-level grip. Anti-slip rubber outsoles, multi-directional protection, stiffness that can support sudden movements, and lightweight design are all what it takes to make a perfect pair of professional badminton shoes.

Why Don't Normal Running Shoes Work?

Running shoes are designed based on the "forward" movement of running and thus fail to provide adequate protection to the front foot during sudden sideways movement and change of direction. This has increased the risk of injuries and may cause ankle sprain or tendon rupture when retrieving shots. The design of professional badminton shoes puts more emphasis on the "sideways movement" and can effectively reduce the injuries to the feet caused by badminton sport.

Will "Indoor Sports Shoes" With Rubber Soles Work?

Table tennis shoes and volleyball shoes are all indoor sports shoes that come with rubber outsoles, but their outsole designs are quite different because of the different patterns of movement that each sport has. Badminton is one of the few sports that involves backward footwork and constant change of direction; therefore, most of the soles are designed with radial patterns to reinforce wear and slip resistance. The design of table tennis shoes and volleyball shoes cannot meet the needs for "fast forward, backward, and sideways footwork and leaps and landing" that badminton demands of a shoe, so it's not suggested to wear indoor sports shoes such as table tennis shoes and volleyball shoes when playing badminton.

VICTOR's Innovative Drop-in Midsole Badminton Shoes

Incorporating innovative, technological, and eco-friendly concept into the design of sports shoes, VICTOR develops the world's first Drop-in Midsole badminton shoes that ensure lightweightness, perfect fit, support, and stability. Equipped with NEO DUPLEX and adopting the heel-stabilizing cup shape design, it is built with an anti-slip upper layer and a lightweight and elastic bottom layer to provide excellent shock-absorption and stability that badminton demands. The extra comfort and support that it brings is unmatched with other shoes. The simple and clean design has made it the first choice for many international top players. (Related Article: INNOVATIVE CONCEPT — VG1)


It's quite often to see people playing badminton in running shoes or casual shoes. However, without proper protection, this might cause decrease in their performance and injuries to their feet. As the old saying goes, "One must have good tools to do a good job," a pair of professional badminton shoes can allow people to play without safety concerns and focus better on the game, which further improves their performance directly and indirectly. It's strongly suggested for players to wear badminton shoes specifically designed for badminton sport to provide the best protection to the feet!