Advanced Shoe-Picking Tips That Even Experienced Players Might Have Missed


By Diana, Renee & Johan, Footwear Development Department


Most badminton players might have been wondering about how to pick the best-fitting badminton shoes when buying new shoes. VICTOR has devised a last system based on different types of foot shapes, so there is always a perfect type of last for every shoe. However, before we introduce you to VICTOR's last system, let's have a look at different types of foot shapes, which are classified mainly based on the toe shape and sole width.


P9600 A


What's your foot shape?

[Toe Shapes]

Shoes that fit your foot shape can ensure the greatest comfort and avoid sports injuries on your feet. Generally, there are three types of foot shapes:


Square/Roman Foot    Round/Egyptian Foot        Pointed/Greek Foot


P9600 BJ


[Width of Sole]


Once the toe shape is confirmed, let's take a look at the sole width. Take wide soles, the most common among Asians, for example, female soles wider than 9-9.5 cm (shoe size 235-260 mm) and male soles wider than 10-11 cm (shoe size 270-305 mm) are considered wide soles and wide-last badminton shoes are a better choice for them. However, for particularly small or large feet, the width standard of the sole should be adjusted accordingly.

Comparing the male and female feet of the same size, female feet tend to be narrower on the forefoot and rearfoot areas. Female players with standard foot width can choose the female last version of A610FII to enjoy a better fit and comfort.


How do the above foot shapes match VICTOR's last system?

Please refer to the following table:


Foot shape

Sole Width




U SHAPE 2.5/3.0

depending on how the shoes fit when trying on



















How to Find the Perfect Insole?

Besides foot shape, arch shape also plays an important role in making a pair of shoes fit better. Proper insoles can not only help distribute pressure on the feet, but also make the shoes fit comfortably and prevent sports injuries.


There are three types of arch: low arch (flat foot), neutral arch, and high arch. The general way to determine your arch type is to measure the midfoot area in your footprint. VICTOR has developed three types of insole for different arch shapes.

  • Low arch, also known as "flat foot", is low to the ground. The low-arch insole can help reduce the arch support and increase the contact area of the midfoot to prevent pronation or collapse of the arch
  • The neutral arch insole provides moderate arch support and shock absorption to the heel. The support and anti-torsion design added to the midfoot further enhance the stability of foot movement.
  • High arch sits higher from the ground, so high-arch insole features overall enhanced arch support and greater shock absorption at the center of pressure on the forefoot and rearfoot. Moreover, the outside of the little toe in the front sole area is thickened to address the problem of pronation by raising the outer side and shifting the center of gravity toward the inner side.


All three types of insoles are added with transverse arch soles (the raised part in the middle of the black side as shown above)and designed with different support heights and areas based on different feet arches. The transverse arch sole also helps the transverse arch hold its shape, prevents the toes from extending, and maintains your sole size, making foot movement more easy and natural.




Players who are looking for better-fitting shoes can go for the VG series Drop-in Midsole badminton shoes, such as VGHS, Hendra Setiawan's Signature Shoe. The Drop-in Midsole design allows the wearer to enjoy the features of functional insoles without needing to buy extra insoles.The arch design of the footbed is based on the characteristics of three types of arch:medial longitudinal arch, lateral longitudinal arch, and transverse arch, so the Drop-in Midsole can perfectly meet the needs for shock absorption, balance, and controllability. The Tri-Arch design also helps distribute pressure on the feetduring sports activities to prevent soreness and injuries caused by stress.



We hope the information can help you understand better how to pick the right badminton shoes. We also recommend players go to the VICTOR distributors nearby and try on the shoes. The professional service and introduction of products provided by the stores can make you more clear about your needs.