The causes of sports injuries

A sport is a specialized ability and is a necessary condition for improving physical fitness. In the process of doing sport many new friends can be met and social skills honed. 
No matter what the sport, the process of competing against other people makes it more meaningful. Competitive sport is much more intense than sport just for fun and can easily result in injury unless precautions are taken.
Now, let’s see what the main cause of sports injury are:
1. Misjudgement
Injury often occur when people engage in an unsuitable sport or take part in a sport for the first time at the invitation of friends and try too hard.
2. Physical weakness
Many people do not have the habit of exercising regularly and instead, do all their exercise for the week in one go at the weekend. Continuing to exercise when you are already fatigued can easily result in injury.
3. Lack of concentration
Many people have busy work and social lives and often have a fixed sports gathering after being busy or staying up late the night before, leaving them unable to concentrate properly while playing, and thus increasing the chance of injury.
Also, in the process of intense competition, the desire to win or having someone in the audience you really want to please can make you anxious and tense, increasing the risk of injury.
4. Insufficient warm-up or stretching
Some people only attach importance to the process of actually doing their sport and ignore the importance of warming up before sport and stretching to warm down after.
Failing to warm up and down usually won’t result in injury if done once but, if it because a habit, you run the risk of injury before too long.
5. Taking short cuts
Deficiency of venue and equipment. Although many sports have their own specialized equipment and venues, such as specialized badminton shoes and courts, for convenience, many people play in non-functional leisure shoes and even play in unsuitable places, both things that increase the risk of injury.
Wearing clothes and footwear that aren’t designed for badminton can easily result in injury!
In short, we want to improve our life quality through sport, and achieve self-actualization but, if we get injured, we achieve neither; consequently, before sport, we need to know ourselves and do the proper things before and after, such as warming up and warming down. By doing so we can substantially reduce the risk of injury.
( Edit by VICTOR Badminton )