VICTOR, Automobili Lamborghini To Debut EPIC Badminton Collection


In honor of its constant effort and bold pursuit of cross-over collaborations, VICTOR is launching the “EPIC” collection, upping the luxury by targeting high-end labels and brands in other industries. After more than 18 months of mutual concept work and design renderings, VICTOR announces that the “EPIC” collection is now ready to debut its first special edition in partnership with super sports car brand Automobili Lamborghini and the limited range of badminton equipment will hit the market soon in summer.
The special edition yields VICTOR EPIC Automobili Lamborghini JETSPEED S racket, VICTOR EPIC Automobili Lamborghini HYPERNANO X racket, a VICTOR EPIC Automobili Lamborghini racket backpack (2 colorways), and a VICTOR EPIC Automobili Lamborghini 12-pack racket duffel (2 colorways).
To bring “the raging bull” onto the badminton court, VICTOR and Automobili Lamborghini teamed up to reinterpret VICTOR’s latest JETSPEED S and HYPERNANO X racket frames as well as its classic racket bags. Detailed in Lamborghini Huracán and Aventador’s iconic green and orange, the VICTOR EPIC Automobili Lamborghini special edition can be spotted craft nods to the super-brand sports car models. The full designs are set to be unveiled in April before an official launch in China this summer. Stay tuned to VICTOR website and VICTOR SPORT GLOBAL Facebook Page for more future updates……
VICTOR EPIC, Lamborghini badminton racquet
VICTOR EPIC, Lamborghini badminton racquet
VICTOR EPIC, Lamborghini backpack
VICTOR EPIC, Lamborghini badminton
VICTOR EPIC, Lamborghini badminton
VICTOR EPIC, Lamborghini badminton
VICTOR EPIC, Lamborghini badminton racket

Our Previous Partners

VICTOR, a top-class badminton equipment manufacturer adored and endorsed by world badminton champions, has previously partnered with The Walt Disney Company and Hasbro in 2013 and 2014 respectively to launch exclusive badminton collections inspired by mega comics stars Iron Man and Transformers.


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