The Crossover Lightweight Revolution: HX-AIR


VICTOR initiated a new racket revolution, having successfully collaborated the outstanding characteristics of All-AROUND and SPEED rackets in creating a brand new lightweight racket, HYPERNANO X AIR (HX-AIR).


HX-AIR boasts its super light weight with an eye-catching sky blue appearance. It enables swift swings with uncompromising strength in counter attacks. Its one-of-a-kind sturdy and smooth handling is specifically light, precise, speedy and forceful.

Brand new shaft, lighter and stronger
HX-AIR's racket shaft is made of TORAYCA PREPREG with 7.0 shaft. The 25% weight reduce provides a more direct and swift feedback in handling. Meanwhile, stability in attacks is enhanced by 7.8%. Being incredibly light and strong, the shaft serves as HX-AIR’s fierce prop.

HX-AIR’s frame adopts HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY which effectively absorbs unpleasant vibration upon strikes. With HX-AIR, clear shots are made effortless, and smash shots are absolutely exhilarating!


Weight distribution, precisely calculated
HX-AIR employs a brand new concept of racket design with the application of advanced carbon fiber and accurate calculation. Every bit of the weight distribution is put to its fullest use. The total weight is reduced while stiffness and durability greatly enhanced. Purchase your HX-AIR right now and enjoy the unprecedentedly light handling experience!




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