SH-P8500ACE Revolutionary Steadying Technology, Your Key to Victory


For Spring and Summer collection 2016, VICTOR remasters the classic silhouette and a past player favorite in the VICTOR SH-8500, introducing the new Support type badminton footwear- SH-P8500ACE. The SH-8500 has been adored and worn by BWF men’s doubles no.1 pair Lee Yong Dae and Yoo Yeon Seong, as well as Sung Ji Hyun, currently ranked 7th in women’s singles. Inheriting the major features of the SH-8500 that blends utility and style, the SH-P8500ACE aims to enthuse and empower imagination with this 2016 rework.

Inspired by the passion and energy #TeamVICTOR players invest in the sport, the SH-P8500ACE introduces a striking new color palette. The scarlet red vamp encrypted with metallic geometric patterns symbolizes the fearlessness of a fighter that strides to win a glorious game. On the other hand, the fluorescent green vamp with apple green square patterns gives a fresh characteristic look.


New Lateral Stability Design

The Lateral Stability Technology is one crucial feature of the SH-8500 model, which locks down forefoot during lateral cuts and effectively prevents pronation during intense movements. VICTOR R&D Team has successfully optimized the Lateral Stability Technology, applying an upgraded tri-claw design to SH-P8500ACE. Preserving its original property of lateral stability, the tri-claw allows the sole to perfectly respond to high-impact moves and reduce discomfort.



Improved Covering, Enhanced Stability

The ankle collar adopts PU pressing with diamond pattern design for a snug and comfortable fit. The TPU stabilizing plate equipped on the heel provides all around protection during dynamic movements in all directions. 



Optimized Wear-Resistance 

The toe material of SH-P8500ACE is 16 times more wear-resistant than regular PU leather and reduces excessive deformation. The 3D vamp pattern gives an enhanced, quality texture. 



A contemporary expression of the iconic SH-8500, the SH-P8500ACE evolves and enables modern athletes’ natural motion with elevated utility and comfort.


            SH-P8500 ACE D       SH-P8500ACE G

                              D (Red)                             G (Fluorescent Green) 



( Edit by VICTOR Badminton )