Embrace the Power with VICTOR’s Conquering Power Racket THRUSTER F


THRUSTER F is a deluxe new power racket inspired by the ferocity of falcons. Developed by VICTOR’s R&D team after two years of persistent effort, THRUSTER F features superior attack performance with an integrated square-head frame and a highly anti-torsion slim shaft. The genius weight distribution and resilient shaft not only creates a larger sweet spot but also enables players to serve more easily with better control and carry out effective attacks.



Brand new frame design — Accelerated swing and larger sweet spot

THRUSTER F features TRI-FORMATION Innovative Frame Design. To create the perfect hitting feel, racket structure and overall performance, optimization was made through reorganizing and reassembling various attributes of different frames. Swing is accelerated with SWORD wind-breaking structure which effectively addresses the weakness of traditional power rackets that are generally slower and heavier at the head. The middle part of the frame is AERODYNAMIC shape integrated with POWER-BOX shape design enabling smoother swings and enhanced anti-torsion performance. Additionally, the racket face of THRUSTER F is enlarged by 4% to create a larger sweet spot and pleasant hitting feel.


VICTOR’s ultra slim anti-torsion shaft — Effective attacks

Shaft is the sole media that transmits power to the entire racket. Therefore, a 6.4 mm slim shaft is created with a brand new layer design using PYROFIL carbon fiber with VICTOR’s anti-torsion system. With the tailor made shaft, anti-torsion performance of THRUSTER F is enhanced by 15.7%. Accordingly, stability is improved while precision in attacks persists.


Speed, power and precision realized by science — The invincible racket

What about the attack intensity you ask? You will be thrilled to learn that with the new frame made of highly endurable PYROFIL and the ultra slim shaft of exceptional anti-torsion performance, THRUSTER F empowers attack performance by 20%! With THRUSTER F, you will be able to achieve incredible speed, power and precision in attacks like a falcon that preys ferociously!

THRUSTER F is also favored by World No.1 Tai Tzu Ying and Taiwan’s top men’s doubles player Lee Jhe Huei for its superb handling feel and attack performance. THRUSTER F is now available. Embrace the power with the extraordinary attack performance of THRUSTER F!






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