VICTOR A960 All-Around Integration in Style


A960 is the latest ALL-AROUND type professional badminton footwear to be launched in 2018. VICTOR R&D Team spent one and a half year endeavoring to integrate the functionality of training shoes and function socks into badminton footwear. Now, A960 is ready to present you a brand new footwear experience!

For starters, A960 is designed to surprise consumers with a wow factor. Unlike any typically masculine and bright-colored badminton footwear, A960 is visually stunning with a streamlined shape in stylish colors. It is not only exceptionally chic but also boasts incredible professional functionality and comfort.   


Let’s learn about A960’s five main attributes! 

Enhanced Stability - 【New Lateral Stability Design】

The new LS-S design significantly strengthens lateral stability during intense movements. Elasticity and comfort at the forefoot is enhanced as well. 


Light Weight - Feather Resilient EVA

The brand new Feather Resilient EVA material greatly reduces weight by 20%. The midsole is also equipped with NEO DUPLEX dual-density wedge structure and ENERGY MAX3.0 power cushion to enhance performance in shock absorbency, rebound ability, stability and achieve superb comfort for the foot.

Agility - Multidirectional Grooves

The multidirectional grooves are designed to cater to the fast changing dynamics in badminton games. Agility is significantly enhanced by integrating the footwear with the foot.


New Coating -X-FIT

The new generation shoe tongue is made with highly elastic material which perfectly fits like a second skin. X-FIT also comes with a special punching design for enhanced breathability.

Evolution -【V-SHAPE】

The V-SHAPE design reduces stress at the forefoot. Coating is enhanced to offer full-time protection and instant stability without hindering flexible movements. Also, space adjustment in the forefoot and heel is elaborately executed to create better fitness and comfort. 


All-around type professional badminton footwear A960 offers extraordinary stability, coating and comfort in style. With A960, you will be unstoppable! 


For more information, go to VICTOR’s official website. 

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