CARBONSONIC! Striking Sound and Incomparable Force


During the course of five years, VICTOR has manufactured hundreds of models and gone through consistently strict material testing, hitting feel feedback monitoring, weight adjustments and countless more R&D processes. The final product, CARBONSONIC, supported by a number of global patented technologies, is perfectly distributed  in weight to present the hitting feel of a natural feather shuttlecock.

VICTOR carbonsonic

The newly launched CARBONSONIC is an innovative shuttle featuring VICTOR’s highly endurable carbon fiber stems. As one might be able to deduced from the distinctive name, the signature wow factor of the CARBONSONIC is the delightfully clear, crisp and striking hitting sound. In addition, the CARBONSONIC boasts premium flight stability and hitting feel, owing to the endeavor of countless testing targeted at every single part of the shuttle including the head, carbon stems, feather and even details like the depth, cut angle and relative angle of feathers inserted. The critical feature of the CARBONSONIC lies in the combination of ultra-light, highly endurable, tear-resistant polymer material and the world’s first Aerodynamics composite polymer feathers. The revolutionary design enables tiny air molecules (10-18mm3) to form a wind shear, creating the phenomenal hitting feel that highly resembles that of natural feather shuttlecocks. 

Appearance-wise, the CARBONSONIC has an incredibly close resemblance to a natural feather shuttlecock. Unlike traditional nylon shuttles, the weight distribution and specifications of the CARBONSONIC is designed in accordance with natural feather shuttlecocks. In particular, the head of the CARBONSONIC is made of composite cork, which is also very similar to a natural feather shuttlecock.

VICTOR carbonsonic

Impressing all with an unmistakable sound, the highly forceful and endurable CARBONSONIC is supported by a number of global patented technologies which optimize the flight curve of each shuttle. In addition, the CARBONSONIC is tailored to offer better stability than regular nylon shuttles, and its absolute hitting feel is most certainly satisfactory.

You will definitely want to experience the striking sound and incomparable features of the CARBONSONIC!


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