VGR10 Lifestyle Shoes Deliver Ultimate Support


After years of observation of professional badminton players, VICTOR has found that the fatigue on the feet largely accumulates over time from long term tournaments or training, which could cause the arches to drop and fail to provide normal support. In view of this, VICTOR has started relevant research about the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot for two years.



The renowned science journal NATURE published a new article in 2020 illustrating “transverse arch plays a key role in forming a supportive curvature with medial and lateral longitudinal arches.” Taking the lead in the research and development of a new generation technology, VICTOR collaborated with well-known professors of sports biomechanics to analyze the data of Asian foot types and produced VGR10 with the most advanced manufacturing technology. VGR10 has since become VICTOR’s first shoes built with Drop-In Midsole.



The Drop-In Midsole of VGR10 is an innovative technology that’s biomimetic of the foot bed with raised transverse arch to provide greater support and form a three-point pressure equalizing support structure. VGR10 is designed to fit the feet naturally; enable comfort and relief after long-time standing, walking, or exercising; provide nice support to the longitudinal and transverse arches; and also maintain proper curvature of the arches and stability. The EVA shock-absorbing structure can cushion the impact on the heels and equalize the pressure on the feet, which helps not only relieve the burden and fatigue on the arches, heels, knees, legs, and the lower back, but also soothe and prevent plantar fascia pain.



VGR10 is launched in C(black) and A(white) color options.