ARS-HS—Rocketing Through the Sky With Blade-Like Thinness


As badminton sport and racket technology evolve, the pace of the game has gone up significantly and thus makes speed the key to victory. With this in mind, VICTOR is now launching the ultra speedy racket AURASPEED HYPERSONIC (ARS-HS) to rocket you through the sky at astounding speed!


Blade-Like Thinness: Thinner and Stiffer DYNAMIC-SWORD

ARS-HS has made the classic DYNAMIC-SWORD even lighter and thinner to lower the wind resistance and enable faster hits and returns.Engineered with the innovative new material Nano Fortify SR, the frame of ARS-HS is thin, light, stiff, durable, and fatigue-resistant. The speed and elasticity of the racket has been significantly improved, making ARS-HS a racket that can provide you with both outstanding stiffness and incredible handling experience.



Force Transmission: PYROFIL 6.8 Shaft

The shaft is built with the cutting-edge composite carbon fiber material PYROFIL to make the racket stiff and lightweight. With a diameter of 6.8 mm, the shaft allows for more improvement in speed and enables smooth force transmission and greater controllability.



Enjoy the Freedom: Feel Free with FREE CORE Technology

Unlike traditional solid wooden handles, the FREE CORE synthetic handle made with nanotechnology has an innovative hollow structure to improve shock-absorption and create more space for the shaft to flex. It not only allows for smoother hitting and better rebound, but also makes the transition from defense to attack hard for the opponent to be prepared for. The transparent cap exclusively designed by VICTOR further provides a peek into the secret of FREE CORE technology.



From BRAVE SWORD, JETSPEED to the AURASPEED series, the racket products VICTOR has ever launched have all been well received by the players. Believing that speed has no limit, the VICTOR R&D team has long been focused on the development of Speed rackets, and ARS-HS is going to create more possibilities with its blade-like thinness!



Indonesia's top badminton mixed double player Melati Daeva Oktavianti has already chosen ARS-HS for the upcoming tournaments. May she achieve greater success with ARS-HS in 2022!