VICTOR Announces Grand Launch of Tai Tzu Ying Signature Collection


At the beginning of 2022, Tai Tzu Ying made history by topping the women's singles world ranking for over 200 weeks. No matter how competitive the match is, Tai always shows an attitude of "never give up" and sticks to "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF". To celebrate her unique spirit, VICTOR is launching the Tai Tzu Ying Signature Collection to take everyone on a journey of her splendid career in badminton.



The Tai Tzu Ying Signature Collection includes the Signature Shoes, Tournament Apparel-Exclusive Color, and Signature Tournament Bag/Backpack with white and gold as theme colors. The collection aims not only to pay tribute to her exquisite style of play but also to invite all the badminton enthusiasts to embrace the attitude of "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF."

The Tai Tzu Ying Signature Shoes P9200IITTY is based on Tai's all-time matches shoe series P9200 to provide outstanding outer lateral stability and kinetic energy. As Tai's first signature shoes, P9200IITTY is designed with clever details: The collars are colored in indigo to serve as a visual decoration, showcasing a majestic manner that is eye-catching yet low-key. On the upper of the shoes are the words "相信自己" (BELIEVE IN YOURSELF) that Tai has tattooed on her left wrist to show the close bond and support of the Tai family. And of course the signature on the heel cup highlights the uniqueness. The Tai Tzu Ying Signature Tournament Bag and Backpack are inspired by Tai's agile and versatile shots. The simple and stylish crisscross geometric lines make these must-have bags not only functional but also pleasant to the eyes on the court.

Tai Tzu Ying will be equipped with the collection for the upcoming international tournaments and apply herself into the court. Together with VICTOR to give her a big hand and wish her all the best!



Tai Tzu Ying Signature Collection product lineup

Tai Tzu Ying Signature Shoes ─ P9200IITTY

Tai Tzu Ying Signature Tournament Bag ─ BR9211TTY

Tai Tzu Ying Signature Backpack ─ BR3025TTY

Tournament Apparel- Exclusive Color for Tai Tzu Ying ─ T-20051/T-20052