VICTOR's First Wide-Last and Thick-Soled Shoe P9600



By Diana, VICTOR Footwear Product R&D


VICTOR's thick-soled badminton shoes have gained wide popularity since the launch of P9300 and P9310. Taking the incredible comfort and shock absorption of the first two generations, we are now launching P9600—our first wide-last and thick-soled badminton shoe.



Clean and streamlined, the upper gives off a fresh and energetic vibe through the use of contrasting materials and colors. It even helps boost comfort and stability for the thick-soled shoe featuring great shock absorption.



Improved Stability and Shock-absorption


Inspired by the widebody design of racing cars, the forefoot area of P9600 is widened laterally to increase the contact area with the ground and reinforce the stability on lateral sides during landing.


When engaging in the sport of badminton, the forefoot and heel areas are prone to pressure. The problem is addressed in P9600 with its forefoot area thickened by 60% and heel area by 6%. With thickened soles, the plantar pressure is reduced and the shock absorption during landing is enhanced.


Upgraded Comfort


E-TPU is adopted across the whole foot and its rebound and well-compression performance matches perfectly with the ENERGYMAX V on the heel, delivering an elastic, comfortable, and shock-absorbing wearing experience.


The heel is made more curved and thicker to not only give it a streamlined look but also, more importantly, to enable a smoother transition of energy from landing to launching.


Increased Elasticity and Wear-resistance


The upper is made with integration of breathable mesh, durable mesh, and TPU to provide elasticity, breathability, and perfect fit.


The linear interlacing design on the inner side of the toe cap makes the upper fit better with the movement of your feet. The wear-resistant KPU provides greater durability and comfort.


Olympics Champion's Shoe of Choice

Indonesian women's doubles player Apriani Rahayu chooses P9600 as her game shoes for the upcoming tournaments. “P9600 is a pair of incredible shoes with great softness and elasticity,” she acclaimed. With upgraded stability, shock absorption, elasticity, durability, and comfort, P9600 is going to offer the best support for players across international games. P9600 will be launched in Blue Wing Teal and Bright White color options. If you are looking for shoes with great shock absorption, then P9600 can be your best choice.