Classic P9200 Evolution Upgraded: P9200III Available Now


【By Diana, VICTOR Shoes Product R&D】


The classic P9200 has evolved and been upgraded to the P9200III, which features VICTOR’s unique tri-arch pressure-equalizing support drop-in midsole. 


Enhanced Shoe Upper Craftsmanship:
Comfortable and Durable

The P9200III inherits the legendary upper design of the P9200 while retaining the highly durable KPU material at the toe and tough Microfiber PU Leather, ensuring both comfort and durability. The shoe is further reinforced with TPU hot-melt bonding and TPU molding at the heel, enhancing the strength of the P9200III's upper.


The P9200III incorporates VICTOR's drop-in midsole technology, which provides support through tri-arch pressure-equalizing support, lifted outer rim, and the heel-stabilizing cup shape design.  These features offer a comprehensive and supportive feel.     


The drop-in midsole material adopts VICTOR's HYPEREVA high-performance lightweight and soft elastic midsole technology. It incorporates the NEO DUPLEX, providing  lightweight and bouncy feel in the forefoot and stable support in the mid-to-rear section. This design enhances flexibility, resilience and offers excellent support and protection, catering the frequent abrupt stops and quick movements required in badminton.