VICTOR teamed up with LZJ, Malaysian men's singles player Lee Zii Jia’s personal brand, creating VICTOR x LZJ Collection again in 2023. Centered around the theme "DARE TO DREAM", the new collection features vivid colors and a greater variety of items on and off the court. 
Lee Zii Jia participated in the development of VICTOR x LZJ II, which embodies the core spirit of "DARE TO DREAM". He shared, "This slogan has always been my belief in being true to myself. I hope to encourage everyone to continuously challenge themselves and persevere through obstacles while staying true to their beliefs.”
The collection's primary color scheme is black and fluorescent green, with several items incorporating tie-dye design. The collection consists of 19 items, including apparel, running shoes, sports water bottles, bags, etc.
Based on Lee Zii Jia's training needs, the collection introduces new products such as fitness bag and sleeveless hoodie, catering to both sports and casual wear choices.
VICTOR x LZJ II will be available soon in the markets.