VICTOR Rejoins with Badminton Asia as Official Partner for 2024-2027


The Badminton Asia is delighted to announce that VICTOR has been named as the official partner for 2024-2027. Over the upcoming four years, VICTOR will play a crucial role in supporting key Badminton Asia events, including the Badminton Asia Championships, the Badminton Asia Team Championships, the Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championships, and the Badminton Asia Junior Championships, among others. VICTOR will provide professional badminton equipment and stringing services, further contributing to the promotion of badminton throughout the Asian region.
In addition to the collaboration on international tournaments, both entities are committed to nurturing grassroots development. VICTOR will actively participate in the Badminton Asia's Youth Training Camps and Development Programme, offering necessary badminton gear to facilitate the growth of badminton in Asia.
Mr. Kim Joong Soo, President of Badminton Asia, expressed, "I'm delighted and deeply appreciative that Badminton Asia and VICTOR have reunited. As we embrace this newfound partnership, let's join forces to foster a strong, supportive, and mutually rewarding relationship.” 
This partnership marks VICTOR's second collaboration with Badminton Asia, following their previous cooperation from 2014 to 2016. VICTOR’s Chairman Jeff Chen stated, " We are honored to once again become the official partner of Badminton Asia. We eagerly anticipate the next four years and aim to jointly create top-tier badminton events, contributing wholeheartedly to the advancement of badminton in Asia."
Promoting badminton has always been at the core of VICTOR's mission. VICTOR has forged close relationships with the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and the Badminton Asia, continuing to infuse vitality into the world of badminton.