VICTOR Unveils Spider-Man Themed Limited Racket Set


VICTOR once again introduces brand new collection of Marvel’s well-known character Spider-Man, launching the "Spider-Man Themed Limited Racket Set by VICTOR.” The racket set seamlessly integrates Spider-Man's iconic elements into the design of badminton products, allowing your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to accompany badminton enthusiasts into the new year!
Spider-Man Themed Limited Racket Set by VICTOR includes a badminton racket, a single racket bag, a pack of grip and strings. Each item is meticulously crafted with Spider-Man elements.
Featuring the classic Spider-Man blue and red color scheme, Spider-Man Themed Limited Racket by VICTOR is equipped with VICTOR's exclusive patent FREE CORE synthetic handle technology for a perfect match with Spider-Man's agile characteristics, showcasing a speedy and elastic hitting experience. The frame prints the classic Spider-Man quote "With great power comes great responsibility," while the cap utilizes 3D printing technology to present Spider-Man’s icons. 
The strings adopt Spider-Man’s colorways, introducing a blue and red dual-color string. The box of the racket set is adorned with a spider web pattern, and the plaque design further highlights its texture and collectible value.
Spider-Man Themed Limited Racket Set by VICTOR will be available soon in following markets: Taiwan, Thailand, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Philippines.