S82III—Reborn with Groundbreaking Innovation


The S82 Speed series badminton shoes, beloved by numerous players, has undergone another upgrade. Preserving the simplistic design and comfortable fit from its two predecessors, the S82III is now enhanced with the innovative HYPEREVA technology in the midsole, astonishing wearers with incredible comfort, elasticity, and speed!


Groundbreaking Technology


For the first time, the S82 series shoe introduces the lightweight and elastic HYPEREVA midsole, creating a dual-density structure with high-density EVA on the outer side. The addition of an arch carbon plate and TPU not only enhances support but also ensures smooth force transmission, effectively elevating comfort to an entirely new level.


Incredible Speed and Breathable Fit


The upper of S82III is lined with a one-piece lining, minimizing the unevenness caused by sewing and providing a snug fit to the foot.



S82III maintains the breathability and durability of its first and second generations, featuring an upper that incorporates a blend of high-strength breathable mesh and the classic M-shaped TPU from the S82 series. Additionally, the heel is reinforced with TPU to boost protection and stability, ensuring a comfortable and well-protected wearing experience.


An Elastic Boost for Court Dominance

Indonesian women’s doubles player Apriyani Rahayu has chosen the S82III as her new game shoes. "S82III offers remarkable support and a comfortable fit. They are so lightweight and breathable that I don't feel humid even after extended wear, allowing me to perform at my best on the court," commented Rahayu. Embedded with the lightweight and elastic HYPEREVA midsole, coupled with a one-piece interior and high-strength mesh, the S82III ensures an excellent fit, making each step swift and sturdy and helping players assert dominance on the court.



The Classic Continues

The S82III introduces new color palette options: "White/Mykonos Blue," "Anthracite Black," and S82IIIF "Dusty Rose" that’s specifically crafted with a female-friendly last.



The "White/Mykonos Blue" model features a refreshing and energetic blue paint splash design on the lateral side of the shoe. The "Anthracite Black" model showcases technology-inspired purple-red lines and a fluorescent green sole, creating an eye-catching sense of speed. Meanwhile, the "Dusty Rose" model, designed with a female-friendly last, exudes sophistication, elegance, and vintage beauty.



The tongue of S82III is crafted with a 3D dynamic TPU sheet, adding an astonishing visual effect to the shoes.



With its innovative HYPEREVA dual-density midsoles, the S82III not only preserves the classic design of the S82 series but also enhances overall support and protection. If you're a fan of the S82 series, don't hesitate to don the S82III and indulge yourself in a brand-new experience of lightweight, elasticity, durability, and speed!