TK-RYUGA II PRO — Propelling the Unstoppable Evolution of Badminton Attack Mastery


YANG HSUAN CHI, Racket R&D Department


Introducing the TK-RYUGA II PRO, the latest addition to the TK-RYUGA series. Building upon the razor-sharp attack capabilities of the TK-RYUGA II, this latest iteration seamlessly integrates the innovative POWER RING PRO to boost the overall swing weight and stiffness, elevating the response index to level 8. With this groundbreaking advance, the TK-RYUGA II PRO emerges as the pinnacle of badminton attack mastery.




POWER RING PRO seamlessly integrates WES 2.0 and FREE CORE, enhancing both sturdiness and elasticity in handling. The addition of a translucent cap marks a dual upgrade in both technological innovation and visual aesthetics.



"The TK-RYUGA II PRO empowers me to execute more powerful attacking plays and deliver fiercer smash returns," shared the Japanese men's singles player Kenta Nishimoto. Inspired by dragons, the racket's design features a rich, dark-colored palette accentuated by a touch of bright purple, adding an eye-catching embellishment to its aesthetic.



Taiwanese men's singles player Lee Chia Hao, the latest addition to TEAM VICTOR, has selected the TK-RYUGA II PRO as his match racket for the upcoming season. "The robust and elastic racket head provides stable controllability and improved handling, enabling me to execute high-quality shots with precision and deliver sharp smashes at will."



The TK-RYUGA II PRO boasts a heavier racket head, maximizing the potential for powerful attacks. FREE CORE ensures a comfortable and stable hitting experience, allowing the racket to excel in both intense attacks and finely-controlled shots. The innovative POWER RING PRO further strengthens its sturdiness and elasticity. The harmony of these features positions the TK-RYUGA II PRO as the ultimate racket, empowering players to dominate the court with unstoppable power!