Experience Next-Level Speed With ARS-HS PLUS


YANG HSUAN CHI, Racket R&D Department


AURASPEED HYPERSONIC PLUS, the flagship racket of the SPEED series, is constructed with the most recent WES 3.0 technology and a highly anti-torsion shaft, further pushing the boundaries of SPEED rackets! Indonesian world champion Hendra Setiawan and Indian top men's singles player Prannoy H.S. have both chosen ARS-HS PLUS to dominate the badminton court. "ARS-HS PLUS truly shines when delivering swift returns during long rallies, allowing players to overwhelm opponents with blistering speed," said Setiawan.




Ultra-Thin Frame Top and Compact Head

VICTOR has ingeniously slimmed down the classic DYNAMIC-SWORD to an unprecedented level of thinness.With a thickness of just 5.3 mm on the top of frame and a compact 340cm2 racket head, the ARS-HS PLUS effectively minimizes wind resistance, enabling unparalleled speed for continuous drive returns.


WES 3.0 Paired With PYROFIL

WES 3.0 is VICTOR's latest technological innovation that enhances shaft layering to achieve sharper downward angles. By integrating PYROFIL, best known for its high-strength force transmission, each whip swing is imbued with explosive power, enabling more aggressive attacks. Additionally, the incorporation of POWER RING seamlessly combines a highly anti-torsion shaft with FREE CORE, resulting in a racket that delivers a sturdy, swift, and elastic hitting sensation.



Indian men's singles player Prannoy H.S. highlighted, "ARS-HS PLUS enables me to execute seamless and swift drive returns, while also delivering smash angles that are challenging to counter. This greatly enhances my skills in both defense and attack."



ARS-HS PLUS is designed with a black main color scheme accented by touches of red and nacreous blue textures, reminiscent of a lightning-fast ray illuminating the dark night. This low-key yet sophisticated aesthetic is complemented by the powerful technological combination of WES 3.0 and a highly anti-torsion shaft, making ARS-HS PLUS a new chapter in the AURASPEED series with its unprecedentedly fast hitting feel.