VG2ACE Equipped with Drop-In Midsole 2.0 for an Evolutionary Badminton Experience


By Diana, Shoes Development Department


Specially crafted for the demands of badminton sport, VICTOR's Drop-In Midsole features an ergonomic tri-arch pressure-equalizing support system, aiming to deliver exceptional support during extended wear, alleviate exercise fatigue, and enhance footwork stability. Building on these original merits, VICTOR has now introduced the next-generation Drop-In Midsole 2.0 to complement its latest competitive footwear product VG2ACE. With technological advancements in the sole, double-density Drop-In Midsole design, midsole wedge-shaped structure, and ESS support system, VG2ACE stands as a symbol of top-tier performance, embodying exceptional stability, breathability, and comfort! 



Enhanced DIGITWIRE Technology for Innovative Upper Design 


DIGITWIRE, the technology employed in crafting the upper of VG2ACE, utilizes automatic digital programming to create a one-piece, three-dimensional upper through a one-time weaving process. Varied strength and pore size requirements across different parts of the shoe are fulfilled by layering threads of different thicknesses and varying layer counts, producing a soft and durable woven fabric material. Enhanced by V-Durable+, a wear-resistant technology developed by VICTOR, the upper delivers incredible durability, stability, softness, breathability, and wear resistance that are essential for the demands of badminton sport.



Drop-In Midsole 2.0 Introduces with More Advanced Functionality


The goal of developing the Drop-In Midsole 2.0 is to optimize the previous iteration through user studies and deliver a brand-new, comfortable experience. 


Sole Design


Drop-In Midsole 2.0 features a dual-layer design. The upper layer is an insole with surface fibers, enhancing moisture-wicking, comfort, and anti-slip performance. The lower layer is a midsole with ventilating grooves, which are connected to the breathable pores on the upper layer to promote airflow and improve overall sole breathability.



Double-Density Drop-In Midsole Design


The stiffness of the materials is reduced in both the forefoot area, where the foot contacts the ground upon landing, and the footbed area, creating a double-density structure. This design effectively enhances wearing comfort while maintaining overall stability.



Wedge-Shaped Structure and ESS Support System


Highly rigid EVA extends to cover the outer forefoot, forming a wedge-shaped structure tailored to the demands of multidirectional movements in badminton. Additionally, the outer sides of the forefoot and heel are equipped with an ESS support system, enhancing launch speed and stability.




Black and White Color Schemes for Elevated Visual Appeal!



VG2ACE is launched in two color schemes with simple yet sophisticated details. Utilizing automatically-programmed DIGITWIRE technology, the upper showcases multi-layered color presentation. In the black model, subtle red and blue lines emerge amidst the black threads, exuding understated yet captivating allure. Meanwhile, the white model features decorative blue and purple lines, evoking a low-key and sophisticated vibe, accentuating the distinctive charm of VG2ACE. The V logo on the shoe tongue is set against a laser-lustered overlay, showcasing dynamic color shifts with every angle change.


Let's slip into VG2ACE and discover the unparalleled comfort delivered by the Drop-In Midsole 2.0!