Iron Man 3 and VICTOR engage in cross-industry cooperation!


The movie Iron Man 3 hit screens around the world on April 24, and many loyal fans couldn’t wait to take their seats in the theater. Worthy of note is that the newest Iron Man memorabilia isn’t just limited to dolls or fine posters, it includes the VICTOR Heavy Duty Set, featuring a premium racket and a stunning bag.
This is the first time Iron Man has been combined with a sports brand, and the partner is the world’s second biggest badminton brand VICTOR;a limited edition of 1500 sets will be sold in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. To make the racket and bag match Iron Man in terms of function and appearance, VICTOR has brought out the TK-IM3, an attacking racket with power and a technology feel, and with attractive gold and red colors, the same as the armor worn by Mark 42 one of the main characters in the film. It can be expected that both serious badminton players and fans of the film will think that the Iron Man Heavy Duty Set is worth collecting.   
Nick 周湯豪
The TK-IM3 Taiwan release press conference and movie premiere
Yesterday, (April 24) VICTOR held the TK-IM3 Taiwan release press conference and movie premiere, attracting a large media presence from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Taiwan-area brand ambassador Chou Tang-hao (Nick Chou) also appeared and said that he is actually an Iron Man fan and also really likes the VICTOR Limited Edition Heavy Duty Set. VICTOR President Chen Shu Jung   presented the first of the 1500 limited edition sets to Chou Tang-hao, leaving the latter both grateful and excited. 
Iron Man Limited Edition 12-racket Bag
Iron Man Limited Edition 12-racket Bag
Of the products on display at the press conference, the most eye-catching was the Iron Man Limited Edition 12-racket Bag. It can be used for badminton and tennis and the special racket compartments give added protection to the rackets inside by preventing them from colliding. The bag has smooth lines and features the Iron man colors red and gold as well as having the heroic Iron Man image in the middle
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