Global limited edition LONDON set


London Commemorative Set

5000 global limited edition “London Commemorative Set” now available!


Since May 2011 VICTOR stars have taken part in Super Series tournaments all over the world, striving to win points to raise their world ranking. They take determination with them when they go, persevere in every tough game until the very end and their most effective weapon is unity!

To show our support for these tireless stars, VICTOR has brought out a global 5000 limited edition “London Commemorative Set”. Presented in gift box form, it wishes the stars of Victor all the best for the Olympic Games in London this summer.

The “London Commemorative Set” gift box includes a Meteor X London racket  grip, strings, felt bag, encoded USB, water bottle card. The racket shaft and the USB have a laser engraved number, LD 0038/5000, for example, showing that this is the 38th racket of the limited edition of 5000 .


Limited edition encoded USB

Limited edition encoded USB


racket number

The racket number is shown on the shaft


The Meteor London 

The Meteor London features a new material strengthening technology, “compound polymer fiber” This technology involves joining two polymers with different physical properties, then adding them to the racket frame to make it rigid and tough , giving superior feel when the shuttlecock is hit and strengthening attack quality, and giving the rackets of the Meteor series their characteristic power and stability.

The outer case of the gift set case is made of PC Plus; it is heat resistant and has good impact resistance that compares favorably with well-known international travel case brands. The case is strong but light. On the outside of the case the shape of a racket has been molded, adding to the case’s quality and dynamic feel.


London Commemorative Set

The full London Commemorative Set


London Commemorative Set

The exterior of the London Commemorative Set Case


Let’s all cheer on the VICTOR stars! They are ready to win in London!