Korean players visit the VICTOR display area and welcomed by fans


Lee Yong Dae

VICTOR star Lee Yong Dae happily posing for a photograph with a fan


Korean players visit the VICTOR display area and are warmly welcomed by fans

There was more excitement than at any other time since the competitions started at the VICTOR display area in the carnival outside the Thomas & Uber cups venue when,at 6.30 pm on May 21, Korea national team stars Lee Yong Dae, Yoo Yeon Seong and Ko Sung Hyun appeared on time and signed autographs and had their photographs taken with scores of enthusiastic fans.

Many fans began queuing up well before the autograph session after hearing the news of the appearance of these VICTOR stars.A background wall with the VICTOR logo was filled with messages of support and encouragement for the players from fans. A constant stream of fans arrived carrying shirts for the stars to sign, filling the display area to bursting point. Quite a few children were also brought to the event by their parents, proudly showing the autographs of the stars they had obtained to onlookers.


Victor display area

A long line of fans waited patiently for the autographs of the Korean VICTOR stars


Yoo Yeon Seong

A young fan is clearly overjoyed to get the autograph of VICTOR star Yoo Yeon Seong


The session was scheduled to last half an hour but, such was the enthusiastic response, that it went on for over an hour. The three Korean stars were clearly moved by the enthusiasm of the Chinese fans and smiles never left their faces throughout. It is worth mentioning that May 21 was Ko’s 25th birthday and the organizer Victor presented a cake sent by a fan who could not make it to the event to Ko. Many fans wished him a happy birthday, creating a warm and moving scene.


Ko Sung Hyun

VICTOR star Ko Sung Hyun giving his autograph to a happy fan


Luck Message

 The board was full of encouraging and good luck messages from fans


After this autograph session, the players prepared to represent Korea in the Thomas Cup. Let’s all wish them good luck!