Advance into the grand event : READY TO WIN


ready to win


READY TO WIN = Insistence + Determination + Unity

“READY TO WIN” is the SLOGAN for VICTOR in 2012, and not only represents that VICTOR is advancing steadily towards the goal, but also that the badminton fighting spirit is heading towards victory.

In order to promote the spirit of “READY TO WIN”, VICTOR held a series of brand marketing events in accordance with the grand event of the sports field every four years.

VICTOR filmed documentary films for the contestants, so as to allow more people to understand the story behind badminton contestants, while also hoping that badminton enthusiasts may share the films via the social network to enhance and glorify the spirit of “READY TO WIN”, and to jointly cheer for the “VICTOR STARS” heading towards the highest palace!!


VICTORY documentary film - Lee Sheng Mu + Fang Chieh Min = Insistence

The men’s doubles with Lee Sheng Mu and Fang Chieh Min has experienced various big and small tournaments, and has further endured various obstacles, on their way to victory in the 2012 sports circle grand event.

With constant vigorous smashes, they persist in the defense with all their hearts, and strike back with all their strength once they have the opportunity. The incomparable duo with concentrates fully on the preparation for the following victory on the practice field.


ready to win

Entering the badminton court with “Victory” as the only goal


ready to win

Concentration, capturing the most realist expressions of the contestants


ready to win

We fight together on court and off


ready to win

Lee & Min: “It is an extremely pleasant to play badminton.”


Share VICTOR’s documentary films, gifts will be offered generously

Participate in the event of sharing the documentary films and have the opportunity to get involved in the drawing to win “READY TO WIN” global limited T-Shirt with illustrations. There will be 3 stages for the event, so grab onto the opportunities!!!!! The more you share, the more the opportunities, with additional “READY TO WIN” limited concealed version of gifts.


The event period is from June 11th to July 17th, 2012; please refer to the event official website for more details


ready to win

Tai Tzu Ying – owns the determination to win


ready to win

Cheng Wen Hsing / Chen Hung Ling – Unity created the perfect partnership


ready to win