MX JJS-exclusive racket autographed by top Korea player:Jung Jae Sung



All England Open Badminton Championships 2012 Jung Jae Sung


Part of the winning pair in the men’s doubles at the All England Open Badminton Championships 2012 Jung Jae Sung is one of the world’s top men’s doubles players and also .at the heart of the Korean team. VICTOR Super Waves 35and then Meteor X (MX) 80 rackets have complemented his outstanding skills and brought him victory after victory. This year is very meaningful for Jung as he prepares to take gold at the world’s most important sporting event, the Olympic Games in July in London. 

With the MX series rackets as the base, VICTOR has used the Nobel prize winning material graphene to custom design the MX-JJS, an advanced MX racket that totally matches Jung’s current playing style and, it is hoped, will help Jung take gold in London.


In terms of style, Jung is a player with a fierce smash who can defend as well as attack, his great skill plus his speed around the court and jumping ability bringing him regular victories. The design of the MX-JJS autographed racket is based on that of the MX 80; it has reduced air resistance that increases striking power and designers took into account the player’s experience of using the MX 80.


The MX-JJS has Jung’s autograph on the shaft


The racket’s T-joint is made of graphene, the hardest premium material in the world today, and this is the first time the material has been used in a badminton racket. It not only strengths the torque resistance between the shaft and face, it also increases face stability, giving excellent precision and outstanding controllability.