2012 Olympic Badminton Games on 8/2




Lee Yong Dae / Chung Jae Sung (Jung Jae Sung) Cruise to the Semis   


South Korean pair Lee Yong Dae / Chung Jae Sung (Jung Jae Sung) came up against AHSAN/SEPTANO of Indonesia in the quarter-final. Performing better than their opponents in every respect and, with their trademark defense making their opponents struggle for each point, Lee/Jung sauntered to victory.

They will play BOE/MOGENSEN in the semi-finals, a pair they have a record against of 12 wins and four losses in 16 meetings, and the Koreans have been victorious in seven out of the last eight meetings.

In the men’s singles quarter-final, Lee Hyun II faced Chen Jin of China. Lee played calmly, bringing his experience and high level of skill into play as he played cat and mouse with his opponent, only attacking when the opportunity arose. In the end Lee won in straight games, 21:15,21:16, and, in the process, took revenge against the player who beat him in the match to decide the bronze medal winner at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Lee will play Lin Dan in the semi-final. The last time Lee beat Lin was in 2008 however, Lee is playing well and he can be expected to give Lin a real fight.


Chinese Taipei Say Goodbye to London


With the losses of Fang Chieh Min / Lee Sheng Mu in the men’s doubles and Cheng Shao Chieh in the women’s’ singles quarter-finals all Chinese Taipei’s players have now been knocked out of the London Olympics, However, overall, the reaching of the quarter-final stage by three pairs/individuals is the best showing ever at an Olympics by Chinese Taipei.

Fang Chieh Min / Lee Sheng Mu didn’t play as well as they can, losing to Denmark’s BOE/MOGENSEN.

In Fang Chieh Min / Lee Sheng Mu ’s match against BOE/MOGENSEN, nerves got the better of the former so they didn’t play as well as expected and they made more errors than usual; they also failed to take a number of opportunities and were hindered from gaining momentum and stringing points together by their opponents’ persistent delaying tactics every time they won a point; in the end the Chinese Taipei pair lost 16:21, 18:21, finishing in 5th place overall.

After the match Chinese Taipei’s head coach Liao Guo mao said that though the two pairs were evenly matched Fang / Lee lost because nerves made them make too many errors and they also didn’t serve or receive serve as well as they could have, often being too passive. Liao still affirmed their performance, saying that BOE/MOGENSEN are in the top four, are in good form so anyone would struggle against them, and that reaching the last eight at the first attempt at the Olympics is a good performance by the Chinese Taipei pair. 


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