Promoting the Development of Disabled Badminton-SEO VICTOR House Opens



South Korea’s first foundation will be established to promote disabled badminton


All VICTOR House Revenue to be used for the Development of Disabled Badminton


A peaceful, pleasant

SEO VICTOR House (VICTOR House below), the aim of which is to encourage disabled people to play badminton, was officially opened on August 21, 2012.

VICTOR House is located in Suanbo-myeon (Chungju-shi, Chungcheongbuk-do,) a place renowned for its hot springs. It is single story and has four rooms. It backs onto mountains, is next to water and is a place with beautiful countryside scenery to be enjoyed. Not far away, just a ten minute car ride, are Woraksan National Park, River Valley  and Sajo Ski Resort, making it is a place for leisure and learning that gives guests an opportunity to plan a rich travel itinerary and enjoy some stunning natural scenery. 


The origin of the name

VICTOR, sponsor of the South Korean national badminton team, provides the Asia Badminton Alliance for the Disabled with sponsorship, however, president of the Alliance So Myong-won  (his English name is SEO) has to find a way to raise money to cover funding shortfalls. In recognition of his tireless efforts this enchanting small guesthouse is called SEO VICTOR House.


Peaceful and attractive VICTOR House


President Seo had the attitude of “This is my home” when he choose the land and oversaw construction, often using his own time to travel to the site from Seoul to do his best to pay attention to every detail. Seo also plans to display his own collection of badminton memorabilia in VICTOR House, turning the elegant little building into a mini heaven for disabled badminton players. 


All revenue  used to promote disabled badminton

VICTOR House will be directly operated by the Korean Badminton Association for the Disabled and all revenue will be used to promote disabled badminton. After the establishment of a disabled badminton foundation in the future, it is planned to donate VICTOR House’s revenue to the foundation to serve as operating capital.


A place really suitable for vacationing

Boundless enthusiasm

President Seo was a representative player in his youth. By chance he established a connection with the DAEKYO Group. He later was coach of the group’s women’s badminton team and is now the director of the DAEKYO sports team.  

As well as holding the first international assembly for disabled badminton players in South Korea, he has also issued a badminton guide for disabled players and is well-known for his enthusiasm with regards to the promotion of disabled badminton. He said” The training environment for disabled players is still very bad. How can they concentrate on training in such environments? Improving the training environment for disabled players is not something that can be achieved overnight, but I believe VICTOR House is a step in the right direction. I am really happy to be able to do what I can to promote the development of disabled badminton.



Slow down and enjoy the scenery


Translated from: Badminton Daily