MX-90 Helps You Play Accurate Shots and Control Play!!



There's a new addition to VICTOR’s all-around METEOR X Series racket series in 2013, the advanced shuttlecock control racket the MX-90. As well as inheriting the super rigid and stable frame that is characteristic of the other rackets in the series, the MX-90 offers outstanding shuttlecock control performance, allowing you to dominate the court.
The MX-90 is made using the all new HYBRID COMPOSITE, with its own exclusive physical property settings that greatly extend the length of time the shuttlecock stays on the racket face, allowing you, in the short time required to make a return shot, to play shots that are hard for the opponent to anticipate. It has a 7.00mm shaft with increased elasticity and strength, allowing you to place the shuttlecock with more accuracy, placing accurate attacking shots that put victory within your grasp.
HYBRID COMPOSITE Gives an Impressive 11% Increase in Control
VICTOR’s all-around METEOR X Series features the extremely stable OCTABLADE frame structure and Carbon XT technology, making racket face stability the main characteristic  of the rackets in this series.
The MX-90 get its outstanding performance from the hybrid composite fiber that overturns the traditional manufacturing process completely. This is an all-new material that combines two polymers that are very different physically, giving the racket its rigid and strong characteristics; it also has its own exclusive physical property settings physical property settings that perfectly extend the amount of time the shuttlecock remains on the racket face, increasing shuttlecock control performance by 11% and allowing smashes to be hit that will leave your opponent flatfooted, upset their rhythm and increasing the chance of victory.
The all-new MX-90 also has a 7.00mm shaft with increased elasticity and strength. Relaying on the momentum of your throwing action, the striking power of the shot is increased substantially and shuttlecock control also increased, allowing you to place the shuttlecock just where you want it on court and make powerful return shots that leave your opponent at a a loss.


MX90_badminton racket
Product specification
  Response indicator:  
  Shaft rigidity:S ○●○○○ F
  Balance points:HH ○●○○○ HL
  Body weight/grip size:3U / G5、4;4U / G5
  Frame material:Hybrid composite+Carbon XT+ Nano Resin
  Shaft material:Ultra High Modulus Graphite+ Nano Resin+7.0 SHAFT
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