Lee Yong Dae Autographed Catalog!
Here are the winners of 【GOT VICTOR?】!
- Limited Edition London racket set (MX-2012LD) x 1
Marta Lopes
- Lee Yong Dae Autographed Catalog x 2 
Nathakorn Thirachuree 
Bùi Hoàng Dương
- Selected VICTOR Stars Limited Edition Autographed Jersey x 7 
Hans Mikael Silaban
Luis Guo Fei 
Maggee Khaw 
Cuekung Bio't 
Dooto Thomas
Guanyun Lin
Đầu To
- THRUSTER K limited drawstring back bag x 22
Warwick Gresswell 
Paloma Eduarda 
MayBo Ngo
Dominik Evcimen 
Andy Laurent
Tasuku Ikeda
Song Je Seok
Frandy Liu
Hooi Siang Leow
Robin Ong
Shannon Wong
Wesley Cho 
Wong Jia Li 
Raphael Joseph Cabahug Lacson 
Samuel Kirk
Ana Rita Amaral 
Clotinc Bigz
Semana S. Possible
Subordin Chooprom
Pha Anh Trần 
Thiệnn Kunn
- Limited Edition London Mini Bag (P0012A) x 5
Chasha Arphakorn
Mikel Tan
Ko Sung Huy
David Park
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Thank you all for your participation & patience. Please stay tuned for our next event ~ the next winner might be you!
Happy VICTOR Year Everybody!