WINNERS of 【Learn the Secret!】!


VICTOR_Learn the Secret
Here are the winners of 【Learn the Secret!】!
‧ SP-22 Racket x 1
Jenica Cheong
‧ VICTOR Stars Autographed Jersey x 6
Shawn Gabriel Aviguetero
Tống Thanh
Jessica Poh
Yan Vigeant
Tee Ann Lim
Yan Yi Lew
‧ 12-Piece Racket Bag (BR211LTD-F) x 3
Ryeon Jae
Sucheep Ome Sriintra
‧ Iron Man Mini Bag (PG381) x 4
Hoàng Duy Tùng
York Exowneon Wang
Donald Seang
Aj Ja
‧ Sport Towel x 16
Ana Rita Amaral 
Eric Sun
Arteed S. Possible
Wc Tan
Ernestine Joice Portacio
Đầu To
Atipat Ratanajun
Lee Mta
Bùi Hoàng Dương
Leslie Chong
Chumi Chumenk
Rizal Ramli
Elyn Wong
Bhei Canaria
Ana Marie
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Thank you all for your participation & patience. Please stay tuned for our next event ~ the next winner might be you!
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