VICTOR Teams Up with Transformers


VICTOR, the leading badminton brand, proudly announces the cross-industry cooperation with Hasbro and introduces VICTOR X TRANSFORMERS Limited Edition in 2014, commemorating the world-wide premiere of the fourth TRANSFORMERS film that will debut in June.
The collaboration includes Optimus Prime Racket, Optimus Prime Racket Bag, Bumblebee Racket, and Bumblebee Racket Bag, which are designed to amplify some superhuman-like features that marry the two leading characters of TRANSFORMERS Autobot. All core attributes are energized with original Hasbro graphics and its classic color combinations, in a bold move that VICTOR hoped to attract to a wider range of fans following the success of the 2013 team-up with the Iron Man franchise.
VICTOR, Transformers
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For the past 45 years, VICTOR has been focusing on the development and design of badminton products to meet every need of all badminton lovers. In order to offer customers a better experience, these years VICTOR has been devoted to developing all kinds of innovative badminton products.
“It’s of great significance for VICTOR to team up with the fictional stars and introduce VICTOR X TRANSFORMERS Limited Edition” said Chen Shu-Jung, VICTOR’s president. “VICTOR products have been sold in over 50 countries for 45 years. As we continue to introduce new product, VICTOR will keep pace with the changing trends. We will seek every possible ways to provide more innovative and diverse products for all badminton lovers.”
Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Transformed Into Badminton Rackets
Optimus Prime, the spiritual leader of Autobots, is famous for its red and blue color scheme and the flame pattern. The features are now produced on the VICTOR THRUSTER K racket—whole racket are painted in red and blue, both side of the frame are printed with Optimus Prime’s brand new sword in TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction.
The iconic flame and the logo of TRANSFORMERS are printed on the shaft. There is also an Autobot shield on the cap. Last but not least, the TRANSFORMERS logo and Autobot shield are wrapped in grave on the grip in silver color. The red and blue Optimus Prime Limited Rectangular Racket Bag is introduced with this project as well. TRANSFORMERS fans who love Optimus Prime definitely cannot miss it.
VICTOR, Transformers, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee
In order to present its agility, the VICTOR JETSPEED S is chosen to make the Bumblebee Limited Racket. The original yellow and black color scheme of Bumblebee is added with more iron gray in the latest TRANSFORMERS. This change in color will also be presented on the coloring of the racket.
The Autobot logo on Bumblebee’s head can be seen on the frame, infusing energy into those badminton and TRANSFORMERS lovers to become more agile and speedy on the court. And Bumblebee´s eyes are hidden in AERO-SWORD technology, AER”O” its “O” character.
After transforming from a sports car into the mighty robot, Bumblebee’s car shape is turned into the V-shape on its chest and a vent pipe, which can also be seen on the bottom edge of the frame. The valve in Bumblebee is printed on the shaft along with the logo of TRANSFORMERS and Bumblebee's leg.
The Autobot shield on the cap the TRANSFORMERS logo and Autobot shield are wrapped in grave on the grip in gold color, make the entire racket an embodiment of Bumblebee’s agility. With the introduction of Bumblebee Rectangular Racket Bag, the Bumblebee Limited Edition well presents the sense of speed in badminton games.
Aside from the appearance, these two limited rackets are equipped with the latest technologies. Optimus Racket comes with NANO FORTIFY, MULTI LAYER GRAPHENE, and CATAPULT STRUCTURE and Bumblebee Racket comes with NANO FORTIFY and AERO-SWORD frame structure, matching the vibrant-looking series with yet still a performance-oriented intrinsic nature.
Introduced Ahead of the Premiere of TRANSFORMERS in Asia
All four VICTOR X TRANSFORMERS Limited Edition products will be introduced this year in below Asian countries including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam ahead of the premiere of TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction this June. TRANSFORMERS fans and badminton lovers will be able to admire the latest version of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee firsthand.
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