Comfort X Protection VICTOR SH-A820, your top choice for the season


VICTOR, the leading badminton brand, launches professional badminton shoe SH-A820 in this autumn; upgrading both comfort and protection in the feet. Tai Tzu Ying, the top player in women's singles, also chooses SH-A820 as her best partner in the Badminton Asia Championships 2014.
SH-A820 E/F/Q
VICTOR professional badminton shoe SH-A820
SH-A820 features comprehensive function; using ENERGYMAX3.0, a highly elastic material that increases rebound ability by 22% and improves shock absorption during powerful impact. TPU 3D carbon fiber is used on the shoe upper to achieve a better lateral stability. In order to enhance overall protection, the advanced Auto-Fit technique integrates the design of leather upper and eyelet, along with PU high frequency compression moulding, giving SH-A820 a nice, comfortable protection.
SH-A820 E/F/Q
The advanced Auto Fit provides better covering and comfort
Tai Tzu Ying, Taiwan's top women’s singles player, falls for the vivid design of SH-A820, and she is also very impressed by its comfort. SH-A820 just made its debut with her in the Badminton Asia Championships 2014 and brought its features into full play. The comfort and suitability of SH-A820 will be consumer's powerful advantages no matter in or out of the court, and it is going to be the best choice of your sporting life.
Tai Tzu Ying
The professional badminton shoe SH-A820 is now on sale in appointed VICTOR shops with three color choices.
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