BADMINTON A-Z Quiz with Prizes!


BADMINTON A-Z  Quiz with Prizes!

For the whole week 4/8-10/8
Leave a daily message to win a good prize~
Lee Yong Dae
1. Introduction to BADMINTON A-Z
BADMINTON A-Z is one of the most popular parts of the VICTOR official website. It has a host of knowledge and information that badminton players care about and are interested in, such as tactical concepts, shot demonstrations, equipment selection and care, introduction to competition rules, analysis of international tournaments, teaching films, and much more.   
We hope that BADMINTON A-Z can be like an online badminton encyclopedia. All badminton lovers are welcome to come here and look up and browse badminton knowledge to help raise the overall level of their game.
【BADMINTON A-Z】 is not only rich in content, new content is added every week. Badminton-loving you should be sure to remember to join the VICTOR SPORT GLOBAL fans page and to keep an eye on it to avoid missing out on any interesting topics!
Of course, we welcome everyone to our official website’s Contact Us to share: The topic I’d like to know about but which hasn’t yet appeared on the website is____________________. After the VICTOR BADMINTON A-Z editorial office receives your message, careful evaluation and planning will be carried out with the intention of letting everyone enjoy the sport of badminton healthily, happily and professionally.
Contact Us
For Example
2. Participation requirements
VICTOR Facebook

3. Rules for taking part

Every day for one week at a fixed time a new activity post will be posted- various questions to test badminton knowledge 
Participants must use the designated message format to reply under the post
→ #BADMINTONAtoZ quiz Day1 answer is (A)
→ #BADMINTONAtoZ quiz Day2 answer is (B)
→ #BADMINTONAtoZ quiz Day3 answer is (C)
…… (and so on)
Everyone who answers correctly will be entered into the prize draw. VICTOR will announce the prizewinner’s Facebook account number the next day.
P.S All the correct answers can be found on BADMINTON A-Z. Readers are welcome to use it.
4. Activity period
7 days from 4/8 to 10/8
5. Time topic announced every day
12:00 (UTC+8)
6. Valid answering time
from the time the topic announced to 11:59 the next day.
7. Daily prizewinner announcement
the previous day’s prizewinner will be announced at 14:00 (UTC+8).
8. Prizes:
Date Prizes Lee Yong Dae
4/8 VICTOR Star signed T-shirt x1
5/8 VICTOR fine key ring x1
6/8 VICTOR 12 racket bag x1
7/8 VICTOR Star signed T-shirt  x1
8/8 VICTOR fine key ring  x1
9/8 VICTOR 12 racket bag x1
10/8 VICTOR SUPER racket x1