The Latest BWF rankings (announced on August 14)


The latest world rankings released by the BWF on August 14, 2014 show that the top ranked players in the respective badminton disciplines are: men’s singles-Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia), women’s singles-Li Xuerui (China), men’s doubles- Lee Yong DaeYoo Yeon Seong (Korea), women’s doubles-Bao Yixin/Tang Jinhua (China), mixed doubles-Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei (China).
 Lee Yong Dae/ Yoo Yeon Seong
The Korea’s idol stars Lee Yong DaeYoo Yeon Seong
The most talked about players in world badminton are all handsome men who are also highly skilled on court. They include the ROK’s mixed doubles pair Lee Yong DaeYoo Yeon Seong, who have just returned to the top of the world rankings, and China’s “Super Dan,” who ranks 18th at present; they are all well-known players loved by fans and also the focus of their attention.
BWF Ranking │ August 24, 2014
  Men's Single Women's Single Men's Doubles Women's Doubles Mixed Doubles
Lee Chong Wei

Li Xuerui
Yoo Yeon Seong
Bao Yixin
TANG Jinhua

Zhang Nan
Zhao Yunlei
Chen Long
Wang Shixian

Hendra Setiawan
Mohammed Ahsan

Kamilla Rytter Juhl
Chdrinstinna Pedersen

Tontowi Ahmad
Liliyana Natsir
Jan O Jorgensen
Wang Yihan

Hiroyuki Endo
Kenichi Hayakawa

Misaki Matsutomo
Ayaka Takahasi

Xu Chen
Ma Jin
Kenichi Tago

Mathias Boe
Carsten Mogensen

Jang Ye Na
Tommy Sugiarto
Tsai Chia Hsin
Reika Kakiiwa
Miyuki Maeda

Chris Adcock
Gabrielle Adcock
Wang Zhengming
Ratchanok Intanon

Kim Ki Jung

Luo Ying
Luo Yu

Saina Nehwal

Liu Xiaolong
Qiu Zihan
Tian Qing
Chnzhao Yunlei

Michael Fuchs
Birgit Michels
Simon Santoso


Wan Xiaoli
Yu Yang (F)


Thien How Hoon
Wee Kiong Tan
Du Pengyu

Carolina MARIN

Ko Sung Hyun
Shin Baek Choel

Chou Tien Chen

Hsu Ya Ching

Ko A Ra
Yoo Hae Won

Kim Ki Jung
Kim So Young

Lee So Hee
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Return to the Throne: Lee/Yoo Set Sights on the BWF World Championships!
Since they joined forces LeeYoo have shown great skill and strength across the board whether it be technique, power, fitness, mental strength and tournament experience, and have maintained a world class level on court. They were unable to play in tournaments from February to April but they haven’t been affected too much by this forced hiatus as they believe that the glory that is their due will come, and will just be late by a few months at most.  
 Lee Yong Dae/ Yoo Yeon Seong
Top-ranked in the men’s doubles- Lee Yong DaeYoo Yeon Seong
Since they returned to competition in May the two have played together more smoothly. They have not only kept up their impenetrable defense, they have also taken their surprise attack ability to a new level. Their excellent displays on court allowed them to bag all three men’s doubles titles in the three Super Series events in June (Japan Open, Indonesia Open, Australia Open), notably also beating the No.1 pair at the time, Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan, on two occasions.
Unstoppable “Super Dan”
Regarded by many fans as the best player around for years, 31 year old Lin Dan has recently swept all before him on court.
Lin didn’t play in international competition for eight months after winning the title at the World Championships last summer but he was by no means idle. As well as following his own training plan, he also employed a professional fitness coach to assist him to, on the one hand, maintain his handsome figure and, on the other, to stay in competition shape. This is why Lin showed no ill effects from his long absence from competition when he reentered the international arena in 2014, in fact playing as good as ever.  
At the end of April he was ranked 104 due to his long absence, but three months later he rose to 10th for a time after he won the men’s singles title at the Taipei Open in late July. The latest rankings show him back at 18th, the reason being he has only been in six tournaments in a full year.
Sung Ji Hyun, a force to be reckoned with
The Korea’s famous women’s singles player Sung Jy Hyun has competed in 20 international events in the last year, making her the busiest top 10 ranked women’s singles player in terms of tournament participation.
Sung Ji Hyun
Sung Jy Hyun is ranked 4th at present
She took the title in the women’s singles at the Taipei Open for the third time in July and bagged a large number of points. She now ranks 4th, her highest ever world ranking. If she can do well at the World Championships and the Incheon Asian Games her ranking could rise even further; she now presents a real threat to China’s “three golden flowers”, the top three ranked players in the women’s singles, Li Xuerui. Wang Shixian and Wang Yihan.
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