VICTOR Fashion Guide, What to Wear This Badminton Season


2014 Asian Games is around the corner. It’s time to prepare a set of outfit to cheer for your favorite player. Throw on the most stylish apparel to celebrate this badminton season. This is definitely what you should wear if you ever have a chance to be on the court !


Feature No.1: Ocean Style

2014 Asian Games will be held in the harbor city of Inchon, Korea. VICTOR international players are expected to show up with the 2014 tournament series in rose-red. The brand new design is going to cool down the hot summer with its refreshing pattern of tsunamis.

International Player Sportswear 

Racket TK-7000S | Footwear SH-A820 | Top T-4105 | Short R-4092


Feature No.2: Bionics

VICTOR apparel designers adopt Bionics concept in the tournament series of 2014 Korea Open and Indonesia Open. This design is inspired by morpho butterflies and bats, with stereoscopic design combined with speedy lines. What’s more, COOLMAX fabric is used to keep away sweat and moisture, and with RUDOLF CHEMIE antibiotic technology, the 2014 tournament series will meet every need fromprofessional international players.


Korea National Team Sportswear  

Racket JS-9 | Top T-4700 | Racket Bag BR9602LTD | Jacket J-4760


Indonesia Team Sportswear

Racket JS-8PSJS-8ST | Footwear SH-P9100 | Top T-4702 | Short R-4091


Feature No.3: I Love VICTOR

Don’t forget to put on I LOVE VICTOR T-shirt (T-4015) and bring VICTOR sports towel to cheer for VICTOR players. 

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