World Champions Natsir, Ahmad beam with VICTOR JS-NATSIR L & JS-AHMAD T


To celebrate the remarkable success of Indonesia’s Mixed Doubles couple Liliyana Natsir and Tontowi Ahmad, who in 2014 continued with the 3rd winning streak during All England Open Badminton Championships, VICTOR is honored to have the privilege to designfor the stars the JS-NATSIR L & JS-AHMAD T rackets for 2015.


JS-NATSIR L & JS-AHMAD T rackets are created by VICTOR R&D lab based on their movements and habits. Natsir’s racket is designed to match her route during play: light in the head, ideal for speed and rapid responses, while Ahmad’s racket is heavy at the head and flexible in the shaft, making swings smooth and smashes fierce.

The JS-NATSIR L & JS-AHMAD T rackets come with the star duo’s signatures and are designed to reflect their tastes. Liliyana Natsir’s favorite color combination of black, white, and silver makes her racket a strong personal statement, while Ahmad’s preference for red, gold and black give a prestigious presence. Both rackets are painted in florescent colors at the head, achieving a handsome visual focus that matches with the athletes’ status as the “Badminton World Champions”, a title that sums up their superb techniques and unbeatable coherence. 


As an attacker at net, I find racket performances very important during smashes. The design and the colors of VICTOR JS-AHMAD T are made based on my preference, while the physics and the specs are tailored around my habits and the way I play. It has an amazing smoothness to use. It is definitely an honor to have my own racket with signature. I expect this racket to accompany through to more championships in the future. --- Tontowi Ahmad


As an athlete, I must focus during each game and deliver my best. My confidence increases when I see JS-NATSIR L racket in my hand during play. It represents all the hard work and efforts over the years. As I continue to aim and surpass myself, I certainly hope this racket will bring me another win at the All England Open and a 4th World Championship in 2015. --- Liliyana Natsir


Ahmad (back) and Natsir at the 2014 China Open with JS-AHMAD T&JS-NATSIR L. The rackets endured the challenges and accompanied their masters through to the Mixed Doubles title in the French Open Superseries.


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