HYPERNANO X 800 Brings Amazing Defense and Attack


VICTOR’s latest launch of the HYPERNANO X 800 racket gives precision and control a brand new definition. AERO-DIAMOND and advanced technology enables superlative balance and anti-torque, HYPERNANO X efficiently attacks and defends, giving each smash the most impeccable performance.

HYPERNANO X 800 (HX-800) is the first product featured by the HYPERNANO X series. For players seeking in precision, the frame achieves exceptional strength and stability with AERO-DIAMOND frame and ULTRA CNF technology. The PYROFIL technology improves anti-torque performance of the shaft by 17%, while the marvelous touch and controllability is uncompromised by the lightweight.

VICTOR badminton racket HYPERNANO X 800


An Impressive 36% Improvement in Stability with AERO-DIAMOND X ULTRA CNF

The low windage is successfully eliminated with HX-800’s AERO-DIAMOND frame. ULTRA CNF, a brand new material, goes with AERO-DIAMOND frame brings 36% better frame stability. All is achieved with help from computerized animation and data calculation, which enabled the design process with the most delicate visual adjustment. The effectively increased anti-shock promises its user the best of touch and harness during play.



17% Higher Shaft Anti-Torque with PYROFIL

The strength in PYROFIL technology is what gives HYPERNANO X 800 speed and resilience.  This material is perfect for the 6.8mm shaft and maintains lightweight as well as force.  In addition to full delivery of power, PYROFIL gives the shaft 17% improvement in anti-torque, keeping the hand grip firmer and sharper.

VICTOR R&D team takes pride in HYPERNANO X 800. Each of its detail is repeatedly reexamined to optimize the frame performance of design. The dynamic output makes HX-800 a favorite among world class athletes.

Tai Tzu Ying, the women’s singles champion of 2014 BWF Superseries Finals, beated China’s Wang Shi Xian during All England Open of 2015 and entered semi finals with HYPERNANO X 800, achieving a personal record of her career. Now you can enjoy smashes empowered by HYPERNANO X 800, where dynamic meets all-around performance.

VICTOR STAR Tai Tzu Ying equipped with VICTOR HX-800 in 2015 All England Open.


VICTOR badminton racket HYPERNANO X 800

VICTOR HYPERNANO X 800 Product Website:http://products.victorsport.com/HX-800/EN/index.html
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