Malaysian National Team to Roar in 2015 Sudirman Cup


We are thrilled to announce that a 6-year sponsorship plan has been officially signed between VICTOR and Badminton Association of Malaysia this March, allowing VICTOR to provide more compelling backup for the team.

Sudirman Cup is a token of badminton competitiveness for Malaysia.   To symbolize strength and honor, VICTOR decided to incorporate the untamed fierceness of the national spirit in the garment design with tiger print.

This sports garment range is functionally designed with COOLMAX, a lightweight sweat-absorbing material that keeps comfort and breathability at maximal level.  The Rudolf Chemie antimicrobial technology can effectively eliminate odor-causing bacteria 

T-5503 OT-5503 CT-5603 OT-5603 CT-5503 O BACKT-5503 C BACK

   T-5503 O       T-5503 C       T-5603 O       T-5603 C  

   (MEN'S)       (MEN'S)       (WOMEN'S)    (WOMEN'S)     (BACK)       (BACK)

The handsome lineup bearing VICTOR name will be worn by the Malaysian national team during Sudirman Cup. Be ready to roar with the tigers!


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