Dare To Smash: VICTOR TK-9900


For players who demand simply the best of control, TK-9900 is the racket that will take you to a higher ground.


TK-9900 is the top-of-the-line design of the Power Series.  Made with MULTI-LAYERGRAPHENEand HARD COREDTechnology, this smasher comes with a uniquely created Grommet Strip Frame and an extra slimshaft to ensure outstanding performance during each play. As an echo to its unmatched sharpness, the piece is artistically coated in mesmerizing starry blue and electric silver to create a heightened sense of power.

Powerful Strikes with Better Designed Sweet Spot
The sweet spot of TK-9900 is very concentrated on the solid racket face, made possible with the use of MULTI-LAYER GRAPHENE, which strengthens the frame structure, and HARD COREDTechnology, which provides excellent durability and shock absorption. Forces that are passed through grips are effectively transformed to empower each smash with superb dynamics.
Dare to Smash : TK-9900
Fortified Frame for Potent Action
Enhanced inertia during swings is an unmatched function especially designed for TK-9900, thanks to the uniquely created grommets strip placed on the sides of the frame. To ensure the best of quality on the racket face, these grommets come with grooves that will keep the threads neatly nestled tangle-free.
Dare to Smash : TK-9900
Extra Fierce Smashes with Extra Slim 6.4mm Shaft
The thinly built lightweight 6.4mm PYROFIL shaft comes with excellent shock absorption and promotes controllability. The strength maintains smoothness for each smash but delivers more agitated power output, making this racket especially responsive to each desirable action.
Dare to Smash : TK-9900

Renowned for his sharp, aggressive smashes, Lee Sheng Mu, a member of the Chinese Taipei Team, finds himself best equipped with TK-9900. He exhibited extraordinary skills amongst fierce competition during 2015 Malaysia Open and made his way into top 4, with the perfect complement coming from TK-9900

VICTOR Star : Lee Sheng Mu

The forte of TK-9900 undoubtedly lies in the extra solid racket face and concentrated spot, enabled by the uniquely designed grommet strip. The 6.4mm extra slim shaft keeps each smash firmer, more powerful, and is definitely your best weapon to rule the game. 


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