VICTOR SH-A920 LTD Starts the Revolution



The brand new VICTOR SH-A920 LTD is launched in 2015 not only with all upgraded technologies but with new NO-SEW designed. 



New structural shock-absorbing midsole:

The NEO DUPLEX which is the wedge- shaped shock-absorbing technology adopted in SH-A920 LTD is better than the traditional shock-absorbing cushion. The wedge-shaped shock absorbing cushion made of ENERGYMAX3.0 can provide players with excellent cushioned landing experience.



3600 Wraparound covering

The entire shoes are covered all around with gradient painting on the outer side of the shoes, followed with eye-catching BRACE TEK covering, and KPU on the heel. The complete covering extends all the way to inner side of the shoes, creating all-dimensional protection and stable feeling.



Outer quarterNO-SEW technique:

The outer quarter is enabled by the NO-SEW design the stabilizing technique to enhance the stabilizing and wear resisting on the upper. Wearing the new SH-A920 LTD could feel comfort without any obstructing by all-dimensional.



Goh V Shem, a member of the Malaysia Team, wears himself best footwear with SH-A920 LTD and plays extraordinary skills amongst fierce competition during World Championships 2015.



The brand new VICTOR SH-A920 LTD with all upgraded technologies is made both functional and attractive from inside to outside. There’s no way to imagine the comfort and stability until you put them on. It’s time to try on SH-A920 LTD and experience its magic!


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