JETSPEED S 12: Experience the expeditious THUNDER SHOT for Victory!


Since its debut in The All England Open 2016, JETSPEED S 12 has drawn tremendous attention with its striking design and color collocation. Prior to a monumental summer of competition, VICTOR discloses this heatedly discussed racket, introducing the new Speed Type racket, JETSPEED S 12. The JETSPEED S 12 comes with a new AERO-SWORD frame structure which greatly reduces air resistance. The brand new Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS) is adopted in creating a light, resilient and elastic handling feel. With JETSPEED S 12, swift swings and quality shot stability enable you to experience the expeditious “thunder shots”for victory! 


AERO-SWORD Refurbished with Upgraded Anti-Air Resistance

VICTOR R&D team studied the playing style of Korean National Team, known for their speedy transition between attack and defense, redesign and rebuild the AERO-SWORD frame with a stronger anti-air resistance structure. The adjustment made in the frame enhances the resilience by 12.5% and shock absorption by 4.96%, enabling speedy racket-handling and prime performance.

Brand new material Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS)
A Whole Level of Supreme Elasticity and Stability

JETSPEED S 12 adopts Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS), an aerospace engineering material of holeless compact structure. Frame elasticity is enhanced by 9% and shock absorption by 2.9%. In the meantime, shaft flexibility is reinforced by 7.4% and resilience intensified by 8.8%, enabling optimized swing force transmission.

TERS brings forth perfection with brilliant elasticity and stability which empower JETSPEED S 12 to maintain a stable and solid controllability during fast exchanges.

The newborn Speed type racket JETSPEED S 12 incorporates the new material TERS into the AERO-SWORD frame. The stiff and strong frame along with the elastic and responsive shaft enable stable and speedy net shots. JETSPEED S 12 also concentrates shot intensity of strong hits, which makes it particularly suitable for doubles players in the higher paced game. 

The JETSPEED S12 is used by Korean mixed doubles no.1 pair Kim Ha Na and Ko Sung Hyun. It also came to the aid of obtaining the gold medal at the Malaysia Open 2016 for Indonesian mixed doubles pair Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir, as well as Kim Gi Jung, who won in the men’s doubles in the same event with his Korean teammate Kim Sa Rang.

Korean mixed doubles champions Ko Sung Hyun and Kim Ha Na decided to switch to the JETSPEED S 12 in the new Olympic year. (Credit: Badmintonphoto)

#TheRealDeal in China Open 2015 and Malaysia Open 2016, Korean doubles specialist Kim Gi Jung (Left), who lifted the men’s doubles trophy at the Malaysia Open 2016 using JETSPEED S 12 with Kim Sa Rang.(Credit: Badmintonphoto)

Mixed doubles “World Champion” Tontowi Ahmad (Left), alongside Liliyana Natsir, shared the last laugh using JS-12 at the Malaysia Open 2016. (Credit: Badmintonphoto)


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