Foot Evolution: VICTOR SH-A930


The professional VICTOR SH-A930 badminton footwear is engineered with Microfiber to provide the foot with unprecedented experiences of comfort, coverage, and recovery. The evolutionary design promises a higher state of support, stability, durability, breathability, and shock absorption.


Triple Upgrades with Microfiber Upper: Comfort, Coverage, and Recovery

The brand new upper material Microfiber is no ordinary PU material; it supports particularly for the footwork unique to badminton games. The upgraded softness not only promotes better comfort and coverage, but also responds to each step in the most appropriate way.  Microfiber comes with reduced sagginess caused by general stretching: the material is capable to recover itself to keep each upcoming foot movement fresh and sharp.

All-rounded functions: support, stability, durability,breathability, and shock absorption

•   Outer toe box:supports coming from both sides at the tip and coverage are enabled by the NO-SAW design and LS-S, a stabilizing technique. 

•   The TPU piece and High Frequency PU piece especially placed around the ankle area promotes the shoe’s coverage and stability.

•   V-Durable: a durability technique applied to the head of the shoe for better fit and comfort.

•  The mesh at the upper helps to remove sweat and heat and maintain the foot at its best state during a vigorous game.

•   The secret behind the superb shock absorption comes from the combination of NEO DUPLEX midsole, with ENERGYMAX 3.0 energy cushion, and LIGHT RESILIENT EVA material. 


There is no doubt that speed is the key to win in badminton, and VICTOR SH-A930 is your unmatched choice for 2015. Only footwear made by true professional will ensure prime performance in each play.


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