S. Café®

S. Café® technology, with a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, combines coffee grounds onto the yarn surface, changing the characteristics of the filament, and offers up to 200% faster drying time compared to cotton.

Fast Drying

The key element to S.Café® technology! S.Café® continually moves moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric for faster drying process. Moisture transfers from your skin to the outer layer of our S.Café® fabric, it spreads across the surface area to lower the duration of the drying process. Once again, this function being permanent will never wash or wear out.

Odor Control

S. Café® coffee grounds absorb odors your body produces throughout the day. Since the coffee grounds are embedded inside the S. Café® yarn, don’t worry about washing your S. Café® garments, this feature lasts much longer than you would expect!

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