VICTOR S81F Specialize for girls


Attention, badminton girls! Newly released VICTORS' specialized badminton footwear S81F is developed based on female foot shape, and improvement in the inner volume to make it fitter and perfect for badminton girls.

After VICTOR R&DTeam gathered hundreds of features of female foot shape, S81F was redesigned with arc-shaped shoe last, readjusted inner volume and the shape of middle part of footwear to provide more comfort for foot arch and fitter foot coating. Appearance of S81F is made of woven jacquard as S81 footwear series. The basic color is Fandango Pink which creates charming, cute style, and bright cheerful atmosphere.

Sports have become all the rage, and it's time to show your confidence and charm. Don't miss VICTOR's latest footwear S81F out!

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