Following S81F, VICTOR launches the new edition of female-specific badminton shoes A900F. In order to meet the needs of female consumers, the shoes are planned and designed all by the female R&D team members. Through the comprehensive innovation of technology, A900F become VICTOR’s first badminton shoes that are completely oriented by women’s needs and perspective.

Female 2.5 shoe last is developed based on female foot features, which readjusted the curve and shape to bring the arch better support. Together with unsymmetrical upper vamp for the first time, they provide more comfortable fit and wrapping, and help to relieve the fatigue of arch after long-term exercise. Not to mention the unique breathing mesh layer that facilitates the ventilation.

A900F is lighter overall as the Light Resilient EVA takes upgraded high-elastic midsole material while the heels adopt ENERGYMAX V. Both improve the flexibility to take steps, stabilize the landing, and reduce muscle burden of intense movements. The above features are especially the plus to your badminton performance.

In addition to functional evolutions, A900F made a breakthrough toward the appearance. Three versions─including Bright White, Light Dahlia, and Aquarius─not only present elegant style and fresh tone, but also echo the lightweight and breathability. A900F will go beyond the typical imagination of badminton shoes.

Malaysia Mixed Doubles ladies Goh Liu Ying and Lai Pei Jing both wear A900F


With the fulfillment of A900F, badminton ladies can be pro and pretty for sure!