Convention has it that the more power-oriented rackets are made with rounder racket head and the 72-hole design; however, modern badminton has a preference for less sharp racket head, and 76-hole string pattern, which are proved to offer better hand feel and more controlled aggression.


VICTOR has its creativity going again, completing the mixture of rounder top, bigger head size, and the 72-hole pattern in the new THRUSTER F CLAW (coming with 4U). The TK-F CLAW features the science-tested shaft and racket-frame configuration as in the TK-F that provides excellent resilience and maneuverability, capturing the essence of “precise attack” as when hawks hunt down the prey with their sharp claws.


TK-F CLAW continues to utilize VICTOR’s ANTI-TORSION technology to achieve better accuracy in attacks in an easily controllable way. The TRI-FORMATION frame structure also contributes to stability and an effortlessness when wielding the racket.



Rounder racket head and the less sharp provides two distinctive hand feels. The TK-F CLAW enlarges the face to compensate for the less ideal control in a 72-hole racket, but reserves its advantage with the solid striking feel on the sweet spot. Meanwhile, closer string pattern in the sweet zone means more bite and better comfort and precision when players go for powerful shots.



In flat exchanges, the TK-F CLAW swings swift and bouncy with quick, high-efficiency energy transmission. In powerful strokes such as offensive clears and smashes, the solid feel when the shuttle makes contact with the racket-face can’t be any better with the sharper head shape and the 72-hole string pattern.



The personality of the TK-F CLAW feels generally similar to the TK-F, but the obvious change in the head size gives it just a bit more forgiveness while the frame shape, hole-number, and some minor modifications in material and weight distribution make it still a great choice for power players who look for stiffness and sharpness as what TK-F is proud of.


To conclude, three main qualities taken from TK-F and TK-7000S, both past racket of choice for Women’s Singles World No.1 Tai Tzu Ying, converge to offer fresher, sharper hitting with this new TK-F CLAW:

  • Shaft – Anti-torsion, thin, stable, swift, and bouncy, as used in the TK-F.
  • Frame – Sharper head shape as used in the TK-7000S, combined with TRI-FORMATION and the 72-hole design for fluid, solid hitting feel on the sweet spot.
  • Face - Bigger head size, bigger sweet zone, and better maneuverability.

Tai Tzu Ying will be debuting this latest power model in the new 2019 season.